We’ve had an exciting time over the last few months.

Firstly, my book Be the best you can be has been completely re-vamped and has just been sent to the printer. The updates were important as there has been a lot of new ideas coming into the field of personal motivation I’ve done my best to incorporate these into the black belt methodology for extraordinary success.


You can pre-order my book in the next 2 weeks and I’ll send you a signed copy for just $21.60 including postage and GST! ($16 + GST + $4 postage) That’s close to 40% off!

I hope your personal journey to black belt is underway. If not, don’t worry. Remember you have to make a start, know where you’re headed and then take the small steps that will lead you in the general direction of your goal.  Slow and steady. More about that next month!

Alongside this the book I have finalised a unique video program for people who want to get cracking in their personal journey to excellence. You can find the video program in my shop

As a special thank you I would like to send you the first five videos from this program  for no charge– think of it as 5 Doses of Inspiration. Just go to http://www.peterthurin.com/five-doses.

Have an awesome November and remember,

Easy to do… Easy not to do… Your choice.