It's all about taking those small steps, isn't it?

Sometimes, rarely, we need to take massive leaps - big risks for big returns where the possibility of it going horribly wrong is a real and present threat. Most of the time fortunately, we get where we want to go by taking small steps. There's lots of good reasons for this, but I think the best one is that if you take a wrong step - well you just step back and make your next step better than the last one. 

I call this failing small and it's something that we can all embrace. Small failures are an early warning that we're on the wrong track. They stop us from making catastrophic errors. The trick with small failures is to respect them, it's too easy to gloss over the failure and keep doing the same thing because after all, not a lot is at stake. 

Think of the frog in the slowly warming pot, or the gambler chasing his losses - neither respect their small failures, their early warning signs.

At a seminar just recently, I was challenging a group of business people to tell me what they could do to improve their business effectiveness and their customer satisfaction. We were looking for the 1%-ers, the vital but easy-not-to-do steps that make such a difference. The range of answers was fantastic, but one struck me powerfully. One managing director, when I asked him for a 1%-er to move his company into the stratosphere, said "I need to get healthier". What a fantastic answer. He told us about his shortness of breath and an indulged tummy. He realised that unless he himself was fitter, leaner and stronger, he couldn't fully realise the tremendous potential of his company. If you're maybe like that, remember the martial arts metaphor from blackbelt in excellence - it's one step at a time, one coloured belt at a time. You don't have to run a marathon Day 1. But can you do 2 sit-ups and 2 push-ups today?

Sure! It's easy to do. But also easy NOT to do. Your choice!!

I want to share something extraordinary that's been happening in the last two weeks. As many of you know when I'm on stage presenting I always try and raise some money for charity by auctioning off copies of my book. So, I want to give a huge shout-out to the incredibly generous individuals at the Caltex conferences around Australia who have paid $100, $500 and even $1,000 for one copy of my book.  Thank you from me and your charity, the Make a Wish Foundation.

With the gift giving season in full swing, why not consider getting a handful of my books for your loved ones. 

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Have a fantastic December, stay safe over the holiday period and I look forward to catching up with you again the new year.