I find more and more that when I speak to groups, what people focus on the most is the idea that things are Easy to Do or Easy Not to Do. And that’s great.

Because that one little idea can change your life and the lives of those around you.

Let me give you an example. I knew it would be a real struggle for me to write a book. But I also thought it would be extremely worthwhile in communicating my ideas to people. It was easy not to do anything about it. But it was just as easy to start rolling a tape recorder and speaking my ideas into it. And it was from that first small choice that I wrote a book!

I met Shelley at the Fortescue Metals conference where I was recently excited to be the guest speaker. She got hold of my book. I asked everyone at the conference who read it to drop me a line. I said it was an example of easy to do or easy not to do! And Shelley sent me this email:

“Hey Peter,

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say how motivating it was to listen and learn about the different perspectives we can all have to help with our everyday struggles. I have read your book and as promised (easy to do, easy not to do) I am dropping you a line . . . loved the book, I found it was a great reinforcer for what I have taken away from the workshop.  The layout was easy to read and the way it was broken up made it effortless to pick up and put down.  I must say I definitely feel like I’m on the right track to achieving what I have set out to achieve this year . . . and whilst reading your book I started to feel motivated to achieve more. [Your] quote: ‘The definition of success is an ever changing thing’.”

I was just so excited that Shelley had put the easy to do, easy not to do idea into practice. She read my book. She dropped me a line. And now she’s finding it’s easier than she thought to get motivated and start doing something about making the changes she’s always wanted. And it shows me again that my own decision to put easy to do into practice has snowballed – I have so many stories of people affected by my book, coming along for the ride, taking that first step and deciding that positive change is easier to do than not to do in their own lives.

We have made leadership and having awesome businesses too complicated. It’s actually much more simple than we think. Decide what the change is you want, and realize there is always a simple, small step you can take to get in the game. Do you want a better workplace atmosphere for your team? It’s easy to give that one compliment to a team member and it’s easy not to.

Which one are you going to choose?

It’s the same in every other area of life. You want to be fit by the end of this year. It’s easy to do two push-ups tonight and get started, and it’s easy not to. Which one are you going to choose? Tick that box. Yes or no?