How does someone transition from pharmacist to motivational speaker? Believe me, it was an interesting journey!

Like most people, I have I have been through considerable change in my life. In my first career, I owned retail pharmacies in Australia for 20 years. I graduated from university with a shiny degree in Pharmacy and honestly expected that I would dispense medicine until the day I retired.

Yet today I get paid to work with people in organisations around the globe to unstick, motivate and sustain growth that leads to excellence through my business, Blackbelt in Excellence. I’m often asked what was the catalyst for such a radical transformation, and how did I make it work? The answer for me lay in the martial arts.

My black belt in martial arts taught me an enormous amount about life. As you would expect, it taught me about discipline, focus and effort. But importantly, and herein lies the secret sauce, it showed me a step-by-step strategy that I could apply to any area of my life.

My aim is to give people all the insights they need to make their own life extraordinary, to become a black belt in whatever area is the most important to them. But it’s not an easy task. Like I say to audiences at conferences around the world: “It's easy to do, but it’s also easy not to do: your choice!”

But please, don’t be daunted or put off by the idea of martial arts invading your life! This is about using martial arts concepts as a strategy for change and a metaphor for growth. The martial arts give you structure and teach you to set big picture goals. They make sure the goals are broken down into small, achievable steps.

Martial arts give you feedback when you’re doing well… and not! They reward you with physical symbols of your attainment. In other words, martial arts is like playing a really well-designed game that keeps you playing and playing, unlocking more rewards or achieving higher status.

So, there’s no reason you can’t take all these principles and create your own game, your own map to black belt, with your own rules that will guarantee success and achieve personal, leadership or team excellence.