My intent is to create motion in your life. I want to share ideas with you so you can make them real in your own life. So, if you want to create big changes in your life or work, I would like you to stop reading this, grab your notebook and answer these questions:

1. What is my black belt in excellence going to be in?
2. What are the key milestones along the way?
3. What is the first thing I can do that will move me in the direction of my stated goal?
4. How serious am I?

If you’re reading this sentence without having written anything down, then chances are you’re merely interested in change. But not committed. To take on a personal black belt – that is – to create significant, life altering and sustained change you will require significant sustained commitment.

I had a dream as an 8-year-old boy to achieve a black belt in a martial art but I did nothing about it until I turned 36. It was impossible for me to achieve a black belt in the intervening 28 years because I did nothing to get into the game. So, at the age of 36 I went out and I bought myself a uniform. It was white. White pants, white top, white belt. And I won’t lie to you, I felt seriously awkward and seriously uncomfortable. But it had to be done!