I notice something again and again when I present at conferences: people who’ve been so fired up, so diligent in doing everything they can to achieve their goals, have suddenly stalled, sometimes at the last hurdle. I even talked to a woman who was one step away from achieving a black belt in martial arts, but she stopped training!

What was she waiting for? What are we all waiting for? There is a time to talk and a time for action. What time is it now? For you, today?

It doesn’t matter if your goal is sporting, family or business-orientated. You don’t have to be shooting for the Olympics to take those first steps and get in the game. It’s so inspiring when you hear about people who set their goals, the ones that really matter to them, and they go on and achieve them.

Maybe you’ve started, but, like the woman who pulled up at the last fence going for her black belt, you’ve stalled. You were doing all the right things, you’d taken the small steps and you were making progress, but then suddenly, wow, it all became too hard! You slept through your alarm, you didn’t do those push ups, you forgot to offer those kind words to your partner or your work team . . .

And did you notice the key word there? You. It’s your choice to decide what’s important now, your choice to do the hard things rather than take the easy way, your choice to eat those fried dim sims rather than a salad sandwich! You have to get back to your small steps, your little goals, and build again to that big goal you really want to achieve. Because you know that a losing attitude finds excuses, but a winning attitude finds a way.