My young boy Matthew, at 8 years of age was playing a competitive game of junior Australian Rules football. I was the coach of his football team. One day, in the middle of the game, he’s trying to get the football and a whole stack of kids are falling on top of him. As the kids got off, Matt is left sprawled on the ground and he’s damaged his arm.

At the end of the game, we get into the car and drive him to the doctor. The arm is x-rayed and it’s broken. He has plaster from above his elbow to his wrist. It’s a very quiet ride home, when all of a sudden, Matt turns to me and says “Dad, I am so lucky!” I said “Buddy, tell me more, tell me more, what do you mean?” He said “The doctor said I couldn’t play football for 6 weeks!” And I said “I know! Where are you going with this?” Matt then said, “That means I can play the last game of the season!”

Here’s this little boy calculating what he could do, not worrying about what he couldn’t do. I was a blue belt at the time, and I’m thinking to myself “What an amazing lesson! That’s my focus.” As awkward as I was still feeling, to get that black belt I had to keep doing what I could do. So I kept working on my blocks, on my kicks and on my punches. Kept asking for help. Kept asking questions. Kept moving forwards!