At my first day of training in martial arts I was the oldest, ugliest, worst and the only one with grey hair! But don’t ever allow awkward and uncomfortable stop you from getting in the game.

Change will cause you to feel awkward and uncomfortable. Embrace it as part of what we do, because at each new stage of the journey you start at the beginning again, building on what you’ve achieved.

I was a white belt. I was at the very bottom of the martial arts world. But we’ve been there before haven’t we? We move from the bottom of preschool to the top of the preschool and then to the bottom of elementary school to the top of the elementary school. And then it’s off to middle school, then high school where the patterns are repeated. But it’s still not over! We then move onto college, university or the work force and it’s back to the bottom all over again and no still idea where to find the restrooms.

That’s what growth looks like so we must look for opportunities to get uncomfortable in order to grow. Embrace awkward and uncomfortable at every opportunity!