Something that I love to talk about on stage is the importance of embracing awkward and uncomfortable. And there’s no denying I get seriously uncomfortable with new technology.  

But fueled by my desire to remain teachable, I have developed a healthy obsession with a few apps on my smartphone.

The questions I always ask myself are, “what new knowledge do I need?” “what new skills do I need?” and more critically, “who else do I need on my team?”

Through answering these questions, the following apps have become a part of my daily routine of continual improvement, both personally and professionally.  

These apps are an ongoing discipline to develop new and better ideas, to put something new into my system every single day.


1.  Flipboard

What’s something the best in the world all have in common? They all remain teachable by constantly being in danger of learning something new! I take part in this daily discipline through an awesome app called Flipboard. The app collates relevant articles, stories, images and videos that cater to me. There’s always a few messages, ideas or new inspiration that I can implement into my personal or professional life.

2. Social media - LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter

Maintaining my professional profile and business network is everything to me, and social media is my primary channel for getting my message out there. LinkedIn is my go-to for my professional network, and I use Facebook and Twitter to post quotes and videos that motivate, challenge and inspire. Wherever possible, I stay connected with people I have met on my ‘Black Belt In Excellence Journey’. Sending a short and personal message, responding to a comment or simply liking a photo are so easy to do, and such a powerful way to reconnect. It’s amazing what can eventuate from a small message of kindness. My source of inspiration, and the people who keep honest in this area, are my good friends at Tag Digital who have guided me through this journey into the digital world.

3. Health App

I’ve always been a bit obsessive with my workouts (probably to my detriment!), which is why I love tracking my fitness goals. Mini goals, such as, “today, I’ll walk 15,000 steps,” and “tomorrow, I’ll walk 15,500 steps,” allow me to develop my best self incrementally.

I’m a big believer in progress, which is why I think martial arts is such a wonderful metaphor for life. Change requires more than just discipline and more than just goal-setting and game-playing; that’s why I track my physical journey religiously!

4. Photos

I’m not one to take photos of food, but if you looked through my photo gallery you would find 2 things: people and nature. Maintaining a happy mindset is absolutely critical for peak-performance, and the quickest way to put a smile on my face is to look at my gorgeous kids and grandkids. It’s all the therapy I need. Travelling around the world for a living means I’m often in extraordinary places and a quick snap is a great way to remember these gorgeous landscapes.  

5. TedTalks

And of course, I use TED. Speaking to and engaging with audiences is my profession, and so, I go to TED for both inspiration and for my own self-betterment. Motivation breeds motivation, and I come away from TED feeling animated, and ready to take on the day.

If you’ve got some other great apps that have had a positive impact on your life, then please feel free to share them in the comments below!

Best wishes, 


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