I recently received an email from a man named Glenn – who had attended a Conference I had spoken at a couple of years earlier – that truly embodied so many of the messages I talk about on stage.

There is something magnificent about positive feedback from someone who’s had the courage to make positive changes in their life.

Glenn was a partner in a retail store, a business that had previously felt worthwhile and fulfilling. For many reasons he’d begun to feel frustrated with the partnership and the negative impact it was having on business progress, workplace spirit and team morale. Personally, he was “so unhappy”.

It was around this point in time that Glenn attended the Australian National Conference where I was privileged to be the Keynote Speaker. One (hopefully more!) of my key messages resonated deeply with Glenn.

That message was “Good intentions won’t get the job done, you actually have to do something.”

Glenn realised that once you’re in a rut, the only way out is to take responsibility and make a change. You need to think AND act differently.

If you’re unsatisfied with something, you can do nothing (other than spend the rest of your life feeling sorry for yourself!) OR you can make the decision to change and then have the courage to do something about it.

I know it is not always “easy to do” but you MUST take that first step.

That’s exactly what Glenn did. Having on-going discussions with his manager, they decided to embark on their own journey, move away from the partnership and do their own thing. Whilst this can be tricky, challenging and maybe even scary, Glenn persisted and took the struggles of new business in his stride.

Glenn spent the next few months working on the little things in his business, piece by piece. Working on one area, making necessary changes, and then slowly moving on to another area of the business.

He totally embraced another of my key messages: Easy to do, easy not to do. It’s your choice!

A new business partner, 3 new full-time team members, and a whole lot of hard work (and fun) later, Glenn was motivated, passionate and driven.

In just two quarters, Glenn achieved a 25% increase in revenue, and business was booming!

Recently, Glenn called an end to his 23-years in his chosen profession. He went out on a high, winning the National award for Store of the Year, and a bottle of champagne and a trophy to boot.

Glenn pinpoints his success to his realisation two years earlier that he had to make a change, move in a new direction, and let go of things that caused unnecessary stress and unhappiness.

He HAD to take action and then focus on easy to do, easy not to do.

Glenn chose “Easy to Do”, and began rearranging his life.

Now – with two kids and a lot of family time to be desired – Glenn is already on to his next business endeavour, a wholesale business that he operates with his wife.

Already, only a few months into this new business, and the business is growing fast!

For me, it was a blessing to receive Glenn’s email as it further re-affirms some of the messages I’ve been promoting (and driving people crazy with!) for many years.

Making positive changes and restructuring your life takes courage and a fierce desire to be better tomorrow than you are today (another key message that Glenn focused on).

But make no mistake, the wonderful thing is that it is, and always will be, YOUR choice.

We can all take a leaf out of Glenn’s book. It shows the incredible impact of being courageous enough to change and to choose “Easy to do”.

So in Glenn’s own words:

“So - there you have it. It was YOUR presentation that started a journey, The Journey, which resulted in us getting Store of the Year for Performance, and also Store of the Year overall. It was YOUR presentation that also sits on my shoulder when I decided to drive the business hard for growth. There’s a huge way to go, but we are on the right track.

I wanted to share this with you - I am sure you know of the effects that you have on others, but this seems like a fairy tale story that I needed to share.

It genuinely was your presentation that started the ball rolling”.

 It’s so common to get swept up on what we “cannot’’ do that we tend to lose focus on what we “can” do.

Please understand, just because something is difficult doesn’t make it impossible. 

What’s something small that you can do to bring you closer to that bigger picture goal?

There’s always something that you CAN do.

And remember, it is your choice!

Best wishes



A massive “thank you” to Glenn for allowing me to share his story.