Be the Best you can be - 2nd Edition

Be The Best You Can Be (2nd Edition)

Be the best you can be helps people chart their own course to personal excellence.

Be the best you can be provides the knowledge, skills and framework to create a step by step strategy that will help you achieve extraordinary results!

Key focus areas include action, attitude, goals, continual improvement, commitment, change, motivation, discipline, confidence and fun, with Peter challenging his readers to make the decision to transform their lives today. 

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3 Months of Black Belt Inspiration

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Every week day for three months I will send you a short video to educate and inspire and keep your focused on achieving your goals.

The videos cover all the things I've discovered about success and I put them together so that you will have the skills, the tools, the mindset and discipline to achieve your own blackbelt in whatever it is your heart truly desires.

"Peter, thanks for producing a system that WORKS!" 
Michael Klim


Sample Video from 3 Months of Black Belt Inspiration


Not convinced?

Take a look at this sample video.



Peter is proud to be co-author of "The Change 6". The Change explores powerful thought-provoking insights from twenty inspiring co-authors that will take you on a journey of self-discovery and personal change that will touch every area of your life. You will learn how to weather the changes ahead and prosper. Chances are this book contains EXACTLY what you need to take your life to the next level. Inspiring co-authors include: Allan Wich, D/C Russ, Paul Harrison, Renee Poindexter, Steve Renner, Deborah Ariel Pietsch, Lauren Polly, Kaeleya Rayne, Joanna Turner, Valerie Bernard, Helen verDuin Palit, Leslie Boyd-Bradley, Tracee Randall, Kimberly Alexander, Nirmada Kaufman, Peter Thurin, Jen Leavitt, Jay Krunszyinsky, Moni Patterson, Eleni Sarantinou


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Co-authored with Brian Tracy and others

It has taken the combined efforts of more than fifty writers, mentors, entrepreneurs and professional leaders to make the difference of a lifetime and ultimately create this awesome publication.

From my perspective, it has been a wonderful experience to have contributed to Empowered and to have played a role in this sensational book going all the way to Number One in the self help category at Barnes and Noble in the United States of America.

Celebrity contributors include Steven E, Lee BeardDr. Wayne W. DyerBrian Tracy and Gregory Scott Reid.

Be The Best You Can Be Series


Be The Best You Can Be - AUDIO CD
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Go on a journey with Peter Thurin to build unstoppable momentum, on your way to giant results in your life.

Track 1 The journey begins!

  • Martial arts as your metaphor for life
  • Know exactly what you want
  • Your attitude is your choice

Track 2 Intention. Desire. Action.

  • “Why” comes before “How”
  • The intensity of the desire paves your way
  • Taking action – easy to do, easy NOT to do
  • Doing the one per cent-ers

Track 3 Adversity. Commitment. Change.

  • “I always got out of bed”!
  • Get with the right people
  • Always believe in your ability

Track 4 Focus. Discipline. Confidence. Fun.

  • Are you committed, or just interested?
  • C.A.R.E.
  • Walking the walk!

Track 5 Your blackbelt in excellence!

  • Oh, the feeling!
  • Be the best you can be...BUT...
  • The top is still the bottom!! 
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